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Mega+ DRILL-series

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  • MaterialCarbide Drill


  • South Korea South Korea
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-This is Mega+ DRILL-series.

-Solid Center Drill ; As a calbide drill, It can be placed to the exact point and make high precision hole, you can do hogh speed maching during center-processing so that you can save time and cost.

-Solid NC Drill ; It can be placed to the exact point and used for making hole chamfer, edge chamfer and engraving. It can be used for mulfi-purpose and long time machining.

-Solid Drill / Long Solid Drill ; It can make hole without centering process. And by making short chips, it can be used for deep hole making with high speed and long tool life.

-Tip Coolant Drill / Long Tip coolnat Drill ; It consists of steel body and carbide tip, so it is economical. And owing to inner-coolant hole, smooth chip evacuation is possible and makes high speed and long tool life.

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